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Tahiti, officially known as French Polynesia, and is composed of 118 islands. The island consists of two circular pieces that are joined by a peninsula, and for both interesting works that have volcanic origin. Their names are “Tahiti Nui” which means Big Tahiti and “Tahiti Iti” signifying the second or Little Tahiti. But you may be wondering what it is that makes this destination so desirable and romantic place? The answer lies in a few magic words, and they are: intimate departments, small and peaceful hamlets, turquoise bays and long sandy beaches that will leave you breathless.




Bungalows over water

These bungalows are perfect for couples and of course the honeymoon. The rooms are built with luxury and are valid for first-class hotel rooms. At most there under glass through which you can see in the depths which is really unusual and fun. Each bungalow has its own terrace and it must be preparing for the beach, simply enter your room directly into the warm, beautiful water.