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Cheap flights from Amsterdam, Netherlands to New York, USA for only €234 roundtrip.
Or make it a 2 in 1 trip and add a stop in Reykjavik, Iceland for only €33 more.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

New York, USA
Reykjavik, Iceland

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Availability from November to December 2017

Example dates:

Amsterdam – New York – Amsterdam: €234
20th-27th Nov
20th-28th Nov
20th-29th Nov
21st-29th Nov
21st-30th Nov
29th Nov – 6th Dec
29th Nov – 7th Dec
29th Nov – 8th Dec
30th Nov – 7th Dec
30th Nov – 8th Dec
30th Nov – 9th Dec
1st-8th Dec
1st-9th Dec
1st-10th Dec
2nd-9th Dec
2nd-10th Dec
2nd-11th Dec
3rd-10th Dec
3rd-11th Dec
3rd-12th Dec
4th-11th Dec
4th-12th Dec
4th-13th Dec
5th-12th Dec
5th-13th Dec
6th-13th Dec

Amsterdam – Reykjavik – New York – Amsterdam: €267
23rd-30th Nov – 7th Dec
24th Nov – 1st-8th Dec
25th Nov – 2nd-9th Dec
26th Nov – 3rd-10th Dec
27th Nov – 4th-11th Dec
28th Nov – 5th-12th Dec
29th Nov – 6th-13th Dec

and more…