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Cheap flights from Boston to San Juan, Puerto Rico for only $249 roundtrip with American Airlines.

Boston, USA

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Boston, USA

Availability in September 2018

Example dates:
4th-18th Sep
5th-18th Sep
5th-19th Sep
6th-18th Sep
6th-19th Sep
6th-20th Sep
7th-18th Sep
7th-19th Sep
7th-20th Sep
8th-18th Sep
8th-19th Sep
8th-20th Sep
10th-18th Sep
10th-19th Sep
10th-20th Sep
11th-18th Sep
11th-19th Sep
11th-20th Sep
11th-25th Sep
12th-19th Sep
12th-20th Sep
12th-25th Sep
12th-26th Sep
13th-20th Sep
13th-25th Sep
13th-26th Sep
13th-27th Sep
15th-26th Sep
15th-27th Sep
15th-29th Sep
17th-25th Sep
17th-26th Sep
17th-27th Sep
17th-29th Sep
18th-25th Sep
18th-26th Sep
18th-27th Sep
18th-29th Sep
19th-26th Sep
19th-27th Sep
19th-29th Sep
20th-27th Sep
20th-29th Sep
21st-29th Sep
22nd-29th Sep

and more…


American Airlines

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