Nethaneel Sagun

Tech Guru

Nethan is an avid tech enthusiast and web developer from the Philippines. He has been working in web development since 2011, with various experiences in PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS. He has created websites and web apps both for large-scalce and small-scale clients. He was once a part of one of the oldest web-service provider here in the Philippines and have catered to clients like Manila Bulletin.

On the side he does a lot of tech reading on forums and tech blogs. He likes to catch up on recent technological breakthroughs in the world of computing and the web, and how he can integrate those technologies in the things that he develops. He’s also into gaming and PC hardware set-up and configuration.

He has also done a lot of travelling within the Philippines, specially in backpacker-friendly areas where a small budget can get you into a lot of amazing places. He’s done a lot of activities all around the country, like swimming with the sharks in Batangas, party-ing in Boracay, swimming with the whales in Oslob, Cebu and swimming with the sea turtles in Apo Island.