Mission Statement

The mission of TravelVeteran.com is:

1. Blog for the right reason by sharing travel experiences, giving travel tips, writing from the heart and build a credible reputation that will attract a community of engaged readers

2. Own the niche of economic international travel while building an online business. Write specifically about how to take advantage of the internet to generate an online income that will inspire readers to get out of the rat race and increase the time/location flexibility in their lives. By doing so they will be empowered to travel internationally with a small budget by taking advantage of great travel deals (without extensive use of point systems), have more free time to enjoy their destinations, and become part of the “new rich”; people with financial stability and lots of free time to do things they love.

3. Encourage readers to experience local culture at the destinations they visit (to see how the locals live) and not focus on spending time at fancy hotels/resorts/tourist traps.

4. Tell good stories that are interesting and engaging. End each piece with a moral lesson and call to action.

5. Solve a problem for our readers. Write about how we can better the reader’s life and travel experiences.

6. Include specifics for readers, such as prices, and detailed instructions on how to do certain things, like obtain great deals on a certain website, etc.

7. Focus on quality content and building a strong following rather than trying to make quick money from affiliate programs

8. Engage with readers by reading comments and answering questions in comments